Maddie Fitzgerald

Participant Relations Coordinator - Music for All

What years were you in the Youth Symphony program?

2007-2008: Philharmonic Orchestra
2008-2009: Academy Orchestra
2009-2012: Symphony Orchestra

What instrument did you play?


Is there a highlight for you during your time at the Youth Symphony? If so, what was it?

Hands down, my favorite experience was playing at the open house for the brand new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in 2011. It was a very fun way to kick off my last season with Youth Symphony before going to college!

What have you been up to since graduating from Youth Symphony?

After graduating from Olathe Northwest High School in 2012, I went to college in Indianapolis at Butler University. I received my bachelor’s in arts administration and had a concentration in music. I wanted to continue playing my horn, so I studied privately and played in multiple ensembles at Butler. Currently, I’m in my first full-time job out of college at Music for All, a music education and advocacy nonprofit in Indianapolis that creates positively life-changing experiences for students and educators around the country!

How did your time with the Youth Symphony influence what you do today?

Youth Symphony definitely fueled my passion for orchestral music when I was younger, and it gave me an added challenge outside of my high school band room. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it also helped me realize that being involved with and supportive of arts-based nonprofits is important to me, especially ones that serve students.

How did you end up at Music for All and describe what you do with the organization?

I started as an intern in the Participant Relations department at Music for All in August 2016 after graduating from Butler. Essentially, our organization is event-driven. From our Bands of America marching band championships in the fall to our week-long camp in the summer, our primary duties revolve around implementing large events. I like to describe Participant Relations as the “people side” of event planning. My responsibilities involve communicating with our participants, collecting information from them, and processing that information so that we are ready to welcome them to our events. In addition, traveling to cities and towns across the country to put on these events has been a fun responsibility!

Are you still musically active?

My job keeps me in the music community, but I’m still looking for opportunities to play my horn more frequently!

What advice do you have for the current group of musicians in the Youth Symphony?

Stay involved in music as long as you are able. Regardless of your career path, if you attend a college that has performance opportunities for all students, get involved. You’ve worked hard on your musical skills thus far, so put them to good use!


Philharmonic, Academy, Symphony

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