Information Management and Privacy Policy

In order to perform its necessary functions, Youth Symphony of Kansas City (YSKC) obtains personal information from its student members, their families and others. Respecting this personal information and the privacy of students, families, clients, donors, members, staff, volunteers and of YSKC itself is a requirement for all employees, Board members, and volunteers.    

Personal and financial information is gathered by YSKC for purposes strictly related to YSKC operations and Policies. Great care shall be taken to share the least amount of pertinent information and records necessary to serve the YSKC mission. At no time shall complete information of a constituency be distributed or made available wholesale in its entirety, either in hard copy or electronic format. Distribution of personal information is at the discretion of the Executive Director. Youth Symphony of Kansas City does not sell, rent or share personal constituent data of any kind with any external entity. YSKC takes seriously its responsibility to ensure that constituents’ personal information is safeguarded.

Anyone working with this information is expected to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized individuals and entities. Further, organizational documents and electronic communications containing private information such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, employer information and financial information shall not be left in the open or shared in hard copy or electronic format for any reason. 

Additionally, YSKC electronic assets including, but not limited to, account credentials for institutional resources such as social media or financial institutions, shall not be left in the open or shared either in hard copy or in electronic format for any reason. 

Employees, volunteers and board members of YSKC who work with such private information shall agree to abide by this Policy during and after employment or Board or volunteer service. 

Unauthorized disclosure of private information is a violation of this Policy and may be subject to appropriate discipline, including removal/dismissal.

Diversity Statement

Youth Symphony of Kansas City is committed to equity and inclusion by providing music education access to
students of all racial classes, ethnicity, and gender identification throughout rural, suburban, and urban
communities around and in the Kansas City area. Musicians of all religious, ethnic, income, and cultural
backgrounds are welcome.


Moreover, our commitment extends to staff and leadership opportunities, as well as building strong partnerships with organizations and entities of color.

We believe in the unity that music can bring.