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Hear the future now

Youth Orchestra Program in Kansas City

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The Youth Symphony of Kansas City is comprised of six large ensembles. Placement in each ensemble is based on the student’s age and playing level, determined upon their audition for our youth orchestra program. No matter the orchestra, students will have a rich educational experience that trains them as musicians as well as future patrons of the arts.

Each student must audition each year to determine their placement in the program, regardless of their placement the previous year. Through annual auditions, YSKC ensures that each student’s placement aligns with their age and playing level as they continue to grow their musicianship.


Auditions for our 2024/25 season are now open! The deadline for submissions is May 10th, 2024. Students will be informed of their audition status by May 15th, 2024 and must accept their spot by June 1st. Once placed in our Senior or Junior School, students will be asked to complete a placement test, which will determine which of our six ensembles they will be placed in.

Interested candidates are able to submit an audition for consideration at any time throughout the academic year.

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